Monday, September 21, 2015

About our Workshops

Before I get to write more about my way of treating specific issues and relieving your pain, I need to introduce some of our great workshops at Ballantyne Chiropractic Wellness. We have a great community here in south of Charlotte to learn about and prevent health issues.

We had a great information about Breast Health last Wednesday and we will repeat this workshop THIS WEDNESDAY (9/23) @6.30! Our specialist Gaye Walden from Holistic Breast Health 
visited with a great massage therapist Effie Hall and together these ladies introduced the variety of preventive care you can help yourself in taking care of your breasts. We live a world of environmental toxicity and our lymphatic system is struggling to keep up eliminating all thebad stuff in our bodies. You can make a difference if you take control of your life and your habits. We are here to help you and in our office we offer not just structural and functional bodywork but also infrared sauna -sessions and whole body vibration therapy; all an excellent treatments to help lymphatic flow!

Our office also utilizes Alpha Stim -therapy, which is FDA proved treatment for anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain. Alpha Stim therapy is a painless way to improve your health without medication and the effects are cumulative. For this treatment you need to consult Dr. Snipes. 

Our own Dr. Snipes will also talk about how to help yourself when you feel the first symptoms of cold or flu and you just can't afford to stay in bed. Survival Toolkit for cold and flu season -workshop is scheduled Tuesday 9/29 @7pm! Postponed to WED 10/7 @12!

And don't forget our weekly Stretching Workhops Wednesdays @11! We will stretch and activate all those muscle that are not used to be stretched. Our concentration is always in the best available posture and finding an upright position without pain. And that, my friends, starts from the feet and ankles. 

We are looking forward meeting you soon!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Stretching Workshops

You may have already noticed, that we at Ballantyne Chiropractic Wellness are always thinking what is best for our clients. One thing we really are passionate about, is helping our clients to help themselves. That means not that we just keep learning new things all the time, nor even that we treat our clients the best possible way when they enter our office, we also want to educate them and give all of you the chance to learn new ways of keeping your health in mind every day.

So, we decided to organize weekly Stretching Workshops to help you to take care of you!

This is me TRYING to abduct my toes.
Each Workshop lasts approximately 45 minutes and is free to our clients ($5 for others). We always begin with awakening of feet and spine by doing 15 minutes gentle movement to warm up and continue to learn good stretching techniques variably either on lower or upper part of the body. We'll set the goal for every session in the beginning of workshop, so please bring your specific issues to the discussion! Our main goal will be restoring the good and healthy posture both in standing (walking) up and in seated position. This is the reason, why we always do work with flexibility of spine (from sacrum bone up to neck).

Stretching Workshop is open for everybody and mainly lead by Kata, but in some cases or special issues we will be getting some instructions from Dr. Snipes.

Please bring your own water (or you may purchase some) and wear comfortable clothing. You don't need your own yoga mat nor shoes; we prefer opening the muscles on souls of the feet and moving barefooted (unless you have plantar fasciitis or other tendinitis with pain).

You (and your friends) are very Welcome to join us Wednesdays at 11 am! After the workshop we will always have some time to discuss your specific issues

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What do I do in my bodywork?

One of the goals in this blog is (to learn if in/at or some other preposition is correct) to tell you what I do when I'm treating my clients. My way of treatment includes (among other things) massaging, lymphatic work, stretching both tendons and ligaments and 'freeing' joints to their full range of motion (only if that's possible without causing any pain).

It is sometimes hard to describe what I exactly do, so let me start with telling what I will try to achive with my treatment.

My main (only) goal is to find a ways for you to be free of pain. Many times we can not achieve this goal with one session, but most of the times at 5-8 session (that means if you do your part of the job). If you are still in pain after 5 sessions, I probably am not a good fit for you and you need to see other specialist.

But I will promise you that you'll be feeling more and more balanced, refreshened and energetic after every treatment! Sometimes (well, most of the time) I won't let you take a nap while I'm working WITH you, since our goal is to achieve a gentle change in your body's kinesic pattern in a long run, not just relaxiation for the moment (that'll be an extra gift).

My goal is to make you feel better by balancing your physical body. Many times this includes bringing your more upright position while sitting. So, search for an optimal posture is definitely one of our main goals. Always and for everybody (including me). 

I want to write this down one more time: we are here to find a balance! From my point of view I'm talking about relieving tension, braking adhesions and even releasing trigger points in your physical body, but for you it can mean something different. It is always completely up to you how much you inform me about your goals, but I will do my best to synchronize my goals with your (body)s.

Just remember that I am forever curious to find out the possibly hidden reasons for physical imbalances and by balancing the physical, to give you some tools to do the rest.

Balanced is Painless and painless body wants to keep moving! Let me help you.