Monday, July 10, 2017

Back to Business!

I had the best possible 3 week vacation home with my friends and relatives! The sun was shining (occasionally) and saunas were warm, what else can a Finn ask?
Smoked Sauna with Vihtas is waiting.

Sea at Kasnäs, Finnish Archipelago
I am back to work and since I haven't found the perfect office space yet, I will see my clients at my house for awhile. I will text you my address when you do your booking. I am located very close to Ballantyne, right behind Blakeney Shopping Center and my office room is very cozy and next to a half bath. You may park on our driveway!
Midsummer Night in Ikaalinen. Around 2am.

I will announce some new things this fall, but since it's still summer and hot, I will just start slowly and see how I feel about working at my house... My hours will stay the same: Monday/Wednesday 12-8 and Tuesday/Thursday 9-5. I'm keeping all Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays off.

Sun setting in Ruovesi around 11.30pm
I hope to see you soon, this is Kata's Way and as you know: Balanced is Painless, that's why I do this!