Monday, February 20, 2017

Have you twisted your ankle?

Silly question actually. We all have twisted an ankle or too, and I certainly hope that you haven't sprained either one of your ankles. It is called a strain when an injury affects mostly on muscles and tendons (tendon is a part of a muscle that attaches muscle to the bone) and usually muscle tissue can heal itself easier and faster than more firm ligamental tissue. Sprain is much more serious, because it usually affects the structure of the ankle more profoundly. Here are the ligaments of an ankle:

From my point of view this, as any other sprain or strain, is an issue of bringing back a balance, since my specialty is not in an acute situation (you need to see your doctor and wait for an inflammation to calm down before you can have any massage on the injured area). I am always checking the balance of the ankles and since you really can not massage the bony structure like an ankle, there is a gentle technique to release ligamental and muscular tightness of the ankle.

My work will include opening all the muscles of shins and calves and also checking if muscles around the knees are affecting to the imbalance of the ankle. Because: imbalance in the ankle makes an imbalance happening to the knee and vice versa. In my world there is no treatment of the ankle without treating the knee.

In some cases, when the ligaments are really sprained far over their limits, the ankle stays 'too loose' and there really is no way of changing that, but even in that case we will strengthen the muscles to do part of the ligaments' job. In this you need to be careful, so you won't keep strengthening already strong muscles and tendons (in that case you would KEEP the imbalance there), but those that have become weaker. Yes, I will help you with this combination of stretches and strengthening in each of the ankle (most probably, you would NOT do the same things in both ankles).

The ankles are 'the basement' of our body, and from my point of view we definitely need to make corrections on the basement before any work in the main floor will be sustainable. Even years of old injuries in ankles are affecting the fine balance of the way we use our body: in Kata's Way the treatment always starts from the 'basement', which means ankles and feet. I did not explain the importance of the muscles of the feet in this post, but believe me: opening every single of over a hundred muscles of your foot, will definitely be relaxing, comfortable and the first step to heal your body. My style of foot treatment is not at all painful, but extremely relaxing! And yes, I know some reflexology, but still my first step is: open the muscles and tendons and bring them to their original length. After that, some rexlexology or other advanced techniques can truly do their work.

This is Kata's Way which means Balanced, since Balanced is Painless!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day / Hyvää ystävänpäivää!

Valentine's Day is coming!

In Finland we don't really celebrate Valentine's but Friendship's Day. Literally a Friend translates Ystävä and Day as Päivä, so Ystävänpäivä means Friend's Day. And in Finnish we state the date 14.2. meaning 14th of February. So February 14th I will be celebrating with my friends.

Kata's Way will offer something special for you too:

Refer a friend and get an extra 10 minutes foot reflexology added to your next appointment! For free. Your friend just needs to make an appointment for a first time session BEFORE February 15th. And your friend gets it for only $65 (normal 75). Great deal for You and Your friend!

Hyvää Ystävänpäivää!