Monday, January 11, 2021

Welcome 2021!

 What a year it has been! 

If I am thinking back I feel like nothing fun or interesting happened 2020, but when I scroll down my Instagram feed, I remember so many good things! Please, do the same.

In January and February I still went to theatres for great shows and concerts. In the beginning of February the trees were in full bloom anticipating a great spring and I was volunteering with immigrants. I miss that! I also got flocked with these hilarious flamingos on my front yard by Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and got to trouble with our HOA... not the first time. 

My sister was visiting us and we made trips to museums and even Atlanta right before the covid19 stay at home hit. Luckily she was able to get home without trouble and I got bored with stay at home order in March and April. But, I did a lot of studying and even a couple of videos about how to move yourself. Check my Instagram!

I also hope that you have made your acquaintance to my dear owl Harry. His wife,  by the way, is called Meagan, and they both live in the area between my house and Blakeney Shopping Center. I was able to catch a great pics of them this summer. 

In summer I was allowed to get back to work, so I still haven't finished all the great, and thick, books that are waiting to be studied... but I did study a lot of Ortho-Bionomy and hopefully will finish my first step - associate degree - this year. Changing your way of living, eating (duh!) or working seems to be pretty tricky: I tend to slip back to my old habits all the time.

I obviously haven't been traveling this year a lot, but I have truly enjoyed taking a few trips to Asheville, Wilmington, Kure Beach and even to Savannah. Mainly to have some alone time; the ways of Finnish introverts are peculiar. I seem to need to spend time in isolation with my computer to do some writing. And computer it has been: in August I got a second job as a Finnish teacher which has been wonderful! That's where I come from and my soul is happy to be teaching - and using - my mother tongue. And I will keep teaching as much in the beginning of 2021. 

One big step was also the ability to donate blood: the restriction around mad cow disease was lifted and I am officially a Red Cross Donor! That makes me feel like I can do something to help in this many ways helpless state of pandemic. 

We all struggle a bit at the moment, right. My way of keeping myself sane and running is the Nature. I am so happy to have been able to enjoy the miracles of trees, roots, ocean, mountains, deer, owl, waves, flowers, changing colors and sparkling blooms here in North-Carolina. We have a beautiful Mother Earth to comfort us and give us strength. Go out and enjoy! Hopefully with a cup of coffee. 

2021 has had a good start and for me it will a bit more teaching and somewhat less working with bodies. Make sure to make your appointment ahead, my working hours are Mondays 10-4, Wednesdays 9-6 and Thursdays 10-4. Pricing will remain the same as 2020. 

My motto for 2021 is Don't Push, Let It Flow!

Welcome to Kata's Way, where Balanced is Painless.