Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Some concepts

This time I want to explain some of the principles that are important to me. I have learned these concepts already in my original training, and they all came back when I was taking my Total Body Balancing -class. These principles originate to osteopathy.  

We all tend to get some biomechanical dysfunction and lesions in our tissues (by that I meant all the tissues: fascia, muscle and joint). What is a lesion? The lesion is an abnormality of tissue that prevents us achieving optimal BALANCE and FUNCTION. How do we get these lesions? By living our life, spraining an ankle, having inflammation either in systemic or local level, suffering from allergies or other sensitivities, having hormonal imbalance etc. 

How can we get rid of these lesions and dysfunctions? We simply have to remove the restrictive  barriers in fascia, muscle and joint, so that our incredible self-regulating and self-healing body can heal itself! 

This means simply:
- Increasing range of motion (this is a functional treatment),
- Improving circulation (arteries, veins, lymphatic and axioplasmic flow) and reducing impingement of nerves,
- relieving pain and other possible symptoms,
- reducing swelling,
- balancing any asymmetries in your posture (the structural part),
- relieving tension and
- stimulating parasympathetic nervous system.

By doing all this bit by bit, we are also creating a better enviromnment for healing and total body homeostasis. In one word, we are bringing (both structural and functional) BALANCE back to the body. And your body will know how to do the rest, but only if you allow that to happen by reducing stress and allowing a balanced mind set with enough rest and optimal activity.

During the treatment it is crucial to stay away from pain, since while in pain you are also in the state of symphatetic overload. Overload means not just pain, but also an excessive tension when you are unable to relax (part of) your body. Calming down the nervous system will create a homeostasis to allow more healing to happen. Triggering a pain by trigger point therapy is kind of working against this principle, so there is the reason why I rarely do really deep muscle therapy. Believe me, muscle tension can be released without pain in a very efficient way and that is my way.

I am here to help you to achieve your goal! And my way is painless, because Balanced is Painless and that's Kata's Way.

I wish to see you soon! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

You want to know a bit about me?

I think (well at least I hope) that you, who are reading this blog already know bit or pieces about me, but since I also hope that you refer my blog to your friends and colleagues, I want to tell a little bit about myself.

I am originally a Finnish Language Teacher from Finland and I never thought that I'd move anywhere farter away from my home than Tampere, where I lived over 20 years. And yes, I found my hubby at that city and my daughter was born there. She is our only child and currently a senior at Ardrey Kell High school, so we are soaked in a process of trying to find a great (and reasonable) college here.

So, what does a Finnish Teacher do in Charlotte, North Carolina? She is learning her way to resolve some physical issues that are causing a discomfort or even pain in our bodies. I started my way to this second profession because I had some back pain of my own, and I certainly did not like the way my doctor treated me. There had to be a better way to help than give a bunch off pills and tell that it's just a matter of growing old. I was in my early 30's at that time! I tried some massage (it helped me a ton!), some foot reflexology (so relaxing if it is done that way) and then I finally found a therapist who was called a Bonesetter.

He changed my life! He was a welder in his 60's and his office for this bodywork located in his garage. He glanced at me and said: "You little girl (33 yrs and a mother of one) have a major issues with your right knee. That need to be placed back in it's place, so that we can relax those muscles in your spine. Seems like you have issues at your right wrist also." All that in 2 minutes. I was blown away and thougt that he must possess some magical eye! And then he did his assessment and treated me 3 times.

I had seen my chiropractor 4-6 times a year 5 previous years to keep my body functional and able to work, and this man took all my pain and discomfort away in 3 sessions! There was absolutely NO PAIN or discomfort during the sessions, but my body felt a bit 'off' after each treatment for a day or two. I enjoyed every minute of his his sessions (no need to anticipate what's gonna pop next like with chiropractic adjustments) and: I was amazed!
So, I learned that this treatment is an 'ancient' and organic and kinda folklore's  way of massaging people and there has been quite a bit of these masters mainly in the Ostrobothnia area in Finland. I also learned that there's an association whose main purpose is to document this treatment as authentic as possible and educate newer masters to keep this historical treatment alive. There was not two words about it, I headed to learn this treatment myself and found my calling.

It took me 3 1/2 years to master enough skills to get a certificate and start helping my clients. I also certified as a licensed massage therapist and learned some reflexology, head massage and aromatherapy on my way, but there was never a question about what I truly want to do and which way to develop my skills. It is this Integrative, Structural, Functional, Medical, Therapeutic way of soft tissue treatment that I do the best. And yes, sometimes it is called as a bone setting, but I really don't like that name, since we don't set any bones in 21st century. We have a great amount of surgeons to do that; my work is to make sure that your bones have enough room surrounding them and by that I'm talking about muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and lymphatic system among other things. Those are the areas and systems I work with. And my work always includes touching.

Well, life is full of surprises and one of them was a chance (well, chance for someone, more like a challenge to others) to move to U.S. since my husband was relocated in his company. So here we are, and now a Finnish Teacher is re-educating some muscles and kinetic chains to move better, more effortless and painless ways. After 4 years in Charlotte I am definitely loving it and finding my ways to learn and treat my awesome, open-minded clients. I still don't know everything (ha ha, never will), but I am surrounded by these great therapists and co-workers I can learn with.

I had to accomplish massage therapy license here in NC (yes, I went back to school) and I have been working as a massage therapist practically 2 years now. I have done some CE (continuing education) classes and found myself a great office with the best possible chiropractor to work with. I am ready to do this!

But I am who I am, and I need to work my way. I wish that you will challenge my way, ask me questions and make me explain what I do and why I do it the way I do. I am here to learn and since I don't have many colleagues in U.S. (that's not completely true, there is one in Gainesville, Florida), I have to find this way as I go. Step by step. And every step is with a pure intention and an open mind. I have a great background education, but that is only the beginning in this career.

I hope You will enjoy this path with me: It's Kata's Way and Balanced is Painless.

P.S. I am struggling a bit between keeping this blog as authentic as my written English is or ask someone to proof read it. What do you think? Can you manage with my mistakes, this a blog, not my official web page, after all.