Friday, August 28, 2015

Who I work with and where?

As I mentioned, I work at Ballantyne Chiropractic Wellness with Dr. Cheri Snipes, who is not only an awesome chipractic doctor, but specialized in balanced nutrition. In a chiropractic field her specialty is Neuropathy and relieving pain it causes. My studies about structural balancing of feet and feet reflexology can really bring a great addition to her cold laser and electro stim -treatments and we have helped our clients to get faster pain relief and  bring back joint flexibility to ankle joints. You can read more about Dr. Snipes here: Ballantyne Chiropractic Wellness.  Facebook/Ballantyne Chiropractic Wellness.

Our office (I'll load some pictures in a near future (they're at my daughter's camera at the moment) is located at Ballantyne Village, which is a great place to hang in the evenings, have lunch, enjoy a good cup of coffee or go shopping. My favourite place (beside our office) is 3H Shoppes, where you can find everything local! There will be some changes and new openings at The Village in the near future! Stay tuned on Ballantyne Village.  Facebook/Ballantyne Village.

If you have never visited out second floor office (we are located right above Burger21), go find a door next from Savvy&co and take a lift to 2nd floor. A great moment to drop by, is to join our Stretching Workshops that are starting at the beginning of September every Wednesday @11am! It is only $5 for a 45 minute session concentrating to an area(s) that needs some stretching. The program varies every week and you can make suggestions in the beginning of each class. I wish to meet you there!

P.S. Find me at Facebook by the name KataH LMBT#13976

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First post

Huh. This is quite a milestone. My first blog in English. I feel a bit scared but also exited at the same time. I have wanted to do this for awhile now, but I always convinced myself that I can't write in E good enough. Well, I just decided that yes I can, so here we go.

There is a lot of configures and details to do and picture to take, but keep in mind that main thing in this blog are the posts. I will try my best to open up the way I work and philosophy behind my training. I am still a massage therapist, but as those who know me, know that there is so much more in my way of treating my clients in this painless, effective, intuitive but extremely logical way.

I love what I do and I want to do what I love. It's that simple!

You are very welcome to tag along!