Finnish Classes

 Kata´s Way is an experienced Finnish language teacher with over 20 years of experience. Kata has been teaching various levels of adult students both in classroom settings and online. Kata was actively developing new online learning methods already in 1990's and has kept up ever since.

Kata's Way puts a lot of effort to make lessons fun, informative and effective since Finnish can be a bit of challenge in the beginning. Singing and playing is an essential part of the lessons together with thorough grammatical explanations; Kata knows Finnish grammar inside out! In our classes we will use online materials as well as individually prepared work sheets. You do not need a book, but if you want one, you will get good recommendations. 

Because Kata's Way has a long history of teaching in various settings, you can be assured that classes will always target your individual goals. As the moment Kata's Way students are 14-82 years old, some bilingual (English and Finnish), many experienced students, some newcomers and all enjoying classes. 

Ask about your options: small group, study pair classes and individual lessons are available. There are 2-4 hour grammar classes, weekly meetings etc. The pricing varies $40-50/lessons (depending time, materials used, extra material needs etc.)

All classes are via Zoom! 

Here are some comments from students:

'The teacher has given me the freedom to speak Finnish within a friendly, welcoming environment. Our teacher listens and interacts with each of us in the class and has clear goals & expectations that are easy & rewarding to accomplish. Kiitos paljon, opettaja!'

'If you’re interested in learning Finnish in a systematic way that ensures language retention and continued growth as a learner, then you want to take classes at Kata's Way. The instructors are beyond knowledge, the class is perfectly scaffolded, and the instructor meets students where they are, and takes them beyond where they think they can go!'

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