Monday, March 12, 2018

Out of town 3/26 - 3/30

I am pleased to tell you that I have been busy in my new office and I just love working there! I have already learned new things and gotten wonderful, caring and helpful new colleagues.

Also our Pilates classes on Tuesday afternoons are going well (if you are interested ask me more, we can accommodate 1-2 more health enthusiasts to our semi private classes) and I’m beyond happy to work at the place where there is The Infrared Sauna for me and my clients to use (it has NOTHING to do with the REAL thing, but it’ll keep you warm nonetheless).

I’m fortunate to have some more spots for new clients, but next couple of weeks are pretty much booked, because I will take some vacation time before Eastern. I’m counting the days for my best friend from Finland to come for a visit and we’ll make a girls’ trip to St. Augustine and Savannah the last week of March.

My next openings are the first week of April, but if you really need some balancing before that, shoot me a text and I will let you know if there’s a cancellation. I’m waiting for a spring to get here since that’s my favorite time of the year! Hope to see you soon and remember that this is Kata’s Way and that is Painless because the Balanced is Painless. Enjoy your time!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Open House on Valentine’s Day

I have settled in to my new office and I just love it! I have plenty of room, private bathroom, colleagues to work with and most of all: I have the best clients. That’s why, I’m arranging

Open House at February 14th! 

Please, drop by and bring a friend to meet me and my team on Valentine’s Day between 3 and 6! I will have some snacks, coffee (of course) and homemade cinnamon rolls. Feel free to bring  something if you wish, bur the main thing is if YOU show up!

In Finland we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but FRIENDSHIP DAY and this year I truly need my friends on that particular date, since I will be dropping my daughter off for a study abroad that same morning... what a spectacular reason to bake the ultimate Finnish comfort food. (Which I should nor eat, but I will this time.)

So, I hope to see you all at 7818B Renaissance Gardens on Valentine’s Day anytime between 3 and 6 to taste, smell and feel something good. Please, park by the pool on visitor parking (on the right hand side).

Can’t wait to see you and remember that this Kata’s Way where Balanced is Painless!

Monday, January 1, 2018

New office 1/8/2018!

I will start in my new office January 8th! Check the previous post if you want to check the address and instructions how to get there. I will be texting everyone the new address by phone in the first few weeks.

I am also taking a part of our office's online scheduling system and here´s the link for my scheduling: online scheduling. The system works under Effie Spurlin name, but just click Kata´s Way Treatment and the rest is self-explanatory. You won´t be able to pay my services online, but now you have a possibility to make or change your appointments easily! You can still give me a call or text, and I will be pleased to make your appointment for you like I have always done.

If you want do add our Infrared Sauna session after my treatment, you need to use it´s own link:
Infrared Sauna. Or you can ask me to do it for you! This is one of the great advantages of my new office. Here's a link to read more about InfraRedSauna.

I have also done quite a bit of research about Therapeutic Massage sessions´ pricing around south Charlotte and it´s now clear to me, that I need to raise my pricing accordingly. I do have an extensive training both in NC and in Europe and over 10 years experience. I have been working in North Carolina over 3,5 years. I am also back in paying a monthly rent, so I will have new pricing in the beginning of March. Please, plan accordingly, and purchase your 3 or 5 session series before that! I do not demand a monthly membership, I am flexible with scheduling (please, ask me if you need to schedule outside the timetable on online system) and I do offer a significant discount if you purchase 3 or 5 sessions in advance, and I´m not changing that. Kata's Way is therapeutic, goal oriented and in my treatment 60 minutes is actually 60 minutes treatment (undressing and dressing is on your own time).

I am so excited about this new year and new beginning! Here's what You will get:

  • Online scheduling
  • Cozy environment with other therapists
  • Possibility for semi-private Pilates classes to support our physical health goals
  • Spine Flexibility Session by CHI-machine (10-20mins) before or after your treatment for $10
  • InfraRed Sauna Session (45mins) for $30
  • Great location at Ballantyne

 I hope to see you soon at Kata´s Way where Balanced in Painless. 

P.S. Our OpenHouse will be February 14th, stay tuned.
One more pic from Finland's Centennial Celebration.