Monday, November 26, 2018

Some changes that happened 2018

Most of you know, that last summer I was forced to move out of my office pretty suddenly. Since I had no time to search for a new, reasonable priced space, it was an easy decision to move back to my home office located behind Blakeney Shopping Center. I am honored to keep working with all of you at my house and the space is all ready and comfortable! I still have my Chi-machine for your convenience and on 'cold' winter time I will be also offering an Infra Red Heating Pad as a part of your treatment.

My work hours are Tuesdays 9-4, Wednesdays and Thursdays 9-6. Yes, that means that I will NOT be working on Mondays any more. This wasn't an easy decision, but it was necessary. 2019 I will most probably bring some Mondays back to my schedule, but that's still depending.

I have also started new studies in Happy Body that is located in Asheville. I'm constantly working on making my life, and work, easier, so this is part of that. I will be posting more about Ortho-Bionomy, when I learn a bit more.

For some of you it has come as a surprise that I also teach my language, Finnish! That is actually my original profession and I am so pleased  to keep up with that too. At the moment I have 5 eager students who I meet weekly, so freeing Monday is giving me another weekly day off. Which I need.

I wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season! I will be working until 12/20/2018 and then again 1/2/2019. On Christmas time me and my family will be enjoying a staycation with books like How Brain Works, What is Neuropathy, Movements of the Skeleton and A Practical Manual to Ortho-Bionomy ... sounds fun!

Remember that it's still Kata's Way and that means that Life needs to be Balanced because only Balanced is Painless.

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