Tuesday, August 23, 2022

FALL 2022

 Hello friends!

How have I enjoyed being in Finland and how will I enjoy coming back home in the near future. 

I have done some soul searching... ha ha, not really... actually I have had a few AWESOME treatments for myself and I feel like a newborn baby with only a minor shoulder issues. Sitting on a stol in front of the best healer made me realize a couple of things:

πŸ‘Š I can not go without the REAL treatment for 3 years

πŸ‘Š There is no better treatment, I have learned the best

πŸ‘Š I simply can not stop doing this

πŸ‘Š I need to go to Finland more often

        πŸ‘Š I am so good at my work

πŸ‘Šbut I will work only 2 days a week.

And not to mention how humble I am! 

I will be back at work  the most Mondays  and Thursdays 10 - 3. That's it!

My first day of work will be Thursday 9/8. 

There you go and Kata's Way it the Best, because I am Balanced!

P.S. I do have Finnish classes on Tue, Thu and weekends! But there are some flexibilities in my schedule if you want to learn Finnish. 

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