Saturday, May 9, 2020

Post Covid-19 Diary

We are definitely not over covid-19 yet, but I wanted to tell you where I am at the moment, since I am allowed to go back to work with clients who have medical massage referral from their medical or naturopathic provider.

What is changing? 

I have always disinfected my room, all the door handles and guest bathroom several times a week, but now I will be doing it after each and every client. I will be spacing out my clients, so that nobody will ever meet anybody else in my house. I will also greet you at the door so, that any guest will touch as few surfaces as possible during their visit. I will also have disinfection wipes and clean towel for you in the bathroom and hand sanitizer for everybody to use.

I do not require using gloves or facemask, but feel free to use them if you wish. I will put my mask on when I will be touching your upper body or head, but I won't be covered all the time. I will NOT be using gloves when I touch you, but will wash and disinfect my hands several times an hour.

I will cancel, and I require you to do the same, if I get any flu or cold symptoms, and that might happen even in the same day. So same day cancellations will be okay until the end of the year.

With all that I am certain that we will be safe and comfortable to start working with your pains and aches again.

I also want to emphasize that the time off have had a deep impact in me and my work! I have deepend my listening skills, learned new relaxation techniques and changed my understanding about psoas major (and other hip flexors) muscle quite a bit. This will also change my work, which is an evolving learning process. The more I learn, the more I believe that it is not what I can do for my clients, but what and how the client can help themselves in guiding the body towards more ease and comfort! My body is changing, your body is changing, so what worked last year, maybe won't help anymore.

I am deepening my listening skills and learning to be quiet. I will demand you to do so too, since my goal is Balance, because Balanced is Painless. Balance of the mind, body, myself and my willingness to help you depends on how much you are willing to help yourself. I am in the right path and that is Kata's Way. I welcome You back whenever you are ready, but don't expect things to be the same.

P.S. I had such a good results with Zoom-sessions that I will be continuing those! 60 mins and $30 one-on-one Zoom-treament is a valid option if you wish to meet me between the real treatments, or if you are hesitant to leave your house.

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