Monday, May 29, 2017

Vacation time!

I know that this is a blog about my work, but this time I write about my vacation! Since we all need one. At least at the moment I desperately need to take some distance from work. And distance it'll be: around 5500 miles since I'm going back home for 3 weeks! (And then I'll be coming back home to Charlotte; in Finland the home is the whole country, here it's my house.)

I am beyond excited to meet my friends and family after more than 3 years. I also know that I'm not going to be able to spend as much time with everyone than I'd like to, and some of my friends will be disappointed with the fact that I can't meet them at all, but I'm still going to enjoy every moment of my (pretty much fully scheduled) time! One of the biggest things to me will be the fact that I'll get the best possible treatment for myself! I just can't wait to get my spine aligned... although my husband has (been forced to) developed some serious treatment skills in the near past.

This trip will be important also from my career's point of view: I'm leaving the office where I started my career in Charlotte! I have learned so much since I started, and I can only thank wholeheartedly my mentor and friend Dr. Cheri Snipes, who has given me this opportunity to grow my practice under her supportive wings. There's no words to describe my gratitude! I'm very sure that our co-operation will continue if Dr. Snipes will open up a new office.

The fact is, that I will never find as great a location as Ballantyne Village has been to me. I will miss my co-workers and the splendid coffee at Rush Espresso (and will drop by for a cup of coffee pretty often), and of course only seven minutes drive from my house. There's no way any new place can beat my experience with Ballantyne Chiropractic Wellness, but life is all about going forward, growing and making compromises.

I will return from Finland in the beginning of July and will be back at work before the beginning of August. I am going to keep my starting day open until I'm back in Charlotte and recovered from jet lag. I also need to prepare my new location, my new business cards, flyers, web pages, hours, sheets and supplies. I need to plan the new (exciting and awesome) products with my very knowledgeable and awesome new partner! I will also be offering infrared heating pad to add for my services and I have purchased relaxing chi-machine to help my clients in need of low (along with mid and upper) back relaxation. There is so much to look forward to.

The fall 2017 will be awesome, and Kata's Way will be renewed, refreshed and more helpful than ever for you, who struggle with finding the balance in your life! Kata's Way is Painless, it's Balancing and it is a Facilitator to your Better Health!

Have a wonderful summer and see you in August! (Or earlier if you already have an appointment, I don't schedule anyone right now.)

P.S. My new office lease is not confirmed yet, but when it will be, I'll announce it at once!

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