Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer time Greetings

Hello everyone!
Yes, I am working even if I haven't posted anything for a while. I just haven't been motivated to create new informational blog posts because there has been some more interesting things in my mind. 

Like my daughter's graduation! You can consider me as a proud parent of UNC Charlotte freshman. Ardrey Kell High School graduation seremony at Time Warner Cable Arena was a great experience and we also celebrated with sparkling drinks and Finnish pastries at our house. I am so thankful for all who could share this milestone with us; and special thanks to my sister and nieces. They came from Finland to celebrate and help us with all the baking.

With our family visiting, I will be absent from work next week (June 27 - July 4th)! We are going for a relaxing week to the mountains. I am back to work Tuesday 5th and there is 2 open slots that week. On July I won't be working on Fridays, so take that into considerations when you plan your scheduling.

I wish you all a very nice and relaxing time! We all need some time to recuperate because Balanced is Painless and that is Kata's Way.

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