How do I work?

I am a truly curious person and my goal is to find out if there is something out of balance in your body. The simplest example is that you are using your right arm and hand more than left one (if you are right-handed of course) and if that is the case, your right side tends to lean more forward that left. My way of seeing the whole picture, is to find out in what level of spine your muscular imbalance begins and work it from there to improve the balanced position. Sometimes there's no pain or discomfort with these imbalances, but with many of us, these habitual and slowly advancing small things tend to get worse by time.

In addition to muscles and other soft tissues, we have to consider how our nervous system functions and how to work along with it. One of the major goals of any kind of treatment is to 'calm down' the sympathetic nervous system and give the body a possibility to relax and reduce to the alpha waves. That happens actually with any type of massage and in my world that is pretty essential, so that your tissue allows me to get in and make a change to happen.

Balancing the physical body means starting with your ankles and shins; balancing your base (like you want your basement in your house to be steady and functional before you add another level). We all have (yes, that is the reason I got curious about this treatment) some kind of pain in our low, mid or upper back during our lives. I tend not to treat that particular pain area in the beginning, but search to find out what is causing your pain and correcting soft tissues below, above and around the pain area first. Everything in our body is interconnected.

Here's just one example about what could happen in a session:
Wrist or ankles?

If, and when, I can figure out what is going on with your physical body, it is completely up to you to take care of yourself! I am here to help you: bring back the balance as much as we can, relieve the tension in your muscles, open up your joints to move more freely, get rid of nerve impingement, re-educate muscular pathways, open up lymphatic drainage and even stretch your ligaments. Your work is even more essential: help to re-educate your pathways with optimal movement therapy and accept what your body is trying to tell you! That means that I will also help you to find best ways to stretch, exercise and take care of yourself. An efficient treatment is a two-way-path!

I am here to work side-by-side with your body, not with your brains. Yes, my treatment is painless and very relaxing, but if all you want is relaxation once a month I will refer you to another awesome massage therapist. But if you want to learn to treat your body well, help your body to function as balanced as it is possible in it's current state, I would love to help you to find it's way!

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