Who am I?

This is my business web page, but also a blog about the things that I do and like. My job is my biggest passion, so I will be posting the things related to bodywork, stretching, functional treatment, structural analysis, relaxation and what is happening in massage field, but also about living in a foreign culture, struggling with English, theater (my second passion), books and having fun. Welcome to follow my journey to become a better healer.

That being said, you might want some kind of introduction: my name is Kata Hyvarinen, owner of Kata's Way LLC (LMBT#13976) and I moved to Charlotte from Finland 2012 because my (completely Finnish) husband wanted to relocate to a place that would be less challenging climatewise. We love it here and since we have decided to stay for a longer period I am building my business locally. I am trained massage therapist both in North Carolina and in Finland, but my specialty is a traditional Finnish way of seeking what is imbalanced in our bodies, and with good luck: remove the imbalance and get rid of the pain. I use and develop this treatment as Kata's Way™. I graduated in Finland 2006 and in NC 2014. Look more at How do I work and When to see me.

We live at Blakeney, South of Charlotte, and I work on the intersection of Johnston Road and Pineville-Matthews Road. We have one daughter, who studies International Studies at UNCC. If  you want to read more: About me. If you're interested in if I like living in Charlotte, read this and this.

My journey in US has been so far amazing: I have found the best possible people to work with, so I can help you with many issues and when I can't, I know who to refer to.

I hope You will enjoy this journey with me and give me some feedback. I am looking forward to meet you in person! Check Where and How much to learn about my pricing.

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