When to see me?

I am a specialized bodyworker who wants to help people find a root cause of their pain and by removing the root cause get rid of the pain.

I will use all my skills to:
* make you feel renewed and energized in a long run
* balance your body; bringing your left and right side as even as possible
* get rid of your discomfort and pain
* bring back your energy levels

Here are some of the issues I have successfully helped my clients with:

    Näytetään IMG_1605.JPG
  • Plantar fasciitis and tarsal tunnel syndrome  
  • other ankle or knee pain  
  • hip or low back pain 
  • restrictions in hip movements  
  • posture issues and mid/upper back pain or discomfort
  • neck pain and headache 
  • TMJ dysfunction  
  •  frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis)  
  • other shoulder pain and discomfort  
  • tennis/golf elbow (elbow tendinitis)  
  • carpal tunnel syndrome  
  • numbness in hand(s) and other wrist issues  
  • neuropathy 

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