Friday, January 29, 2016

My guilty plesure

We all have bad habits and certain things in our lives that we could live without, right? At least I do. And not just one, but several although I've been working really hard to get rid of some stuff.

When we moved to U.S. (almost 4 years ago), one of my concerns (if my daughter finds her way in a huge high school and how to get a drivers license) was the fear that in a few months I'll gain 20 pounds. The food here is good (my not so secret pleasure number 1), it's served in a billion places, eating out is relatively cheap (compared to Finland) and portions are HUMONGOUS! My trick to adjust was completely cut out gluten. No pizzas, no hamburgers and no bread. That was one of my best decisions in this life. 

Living without gluten became relatively easy in a year or so, since you will (believe it!) stop craving that stuff after awhile and I was happy with my diet and enjoyed the delicious food in Charlotte. Did I gain any weight? Nope. Did I lose any weight? Nope. 

The gluten intolerance was not the sole answer to my skin (truly it's the  gut that's the trouble, skin issues are only a symptom) problems either, so I needed to dig in deeper! After several consultations with my chiropractor (like doing adrenal tests etc.), she announced me (this was one of the days I don't remember with any pleasure): I need to quit coffee.  No way, honey, that'll NEVER happen! (Drinking coffee is a sacred thing in Finland, quitting that would make my ancestors to roll over in their graves and I could never go back).)

So after some serious talks, I agreed to cut my coffee consumption to a quarter of what it used to be. What a huge accomplishment. These days I only drink 2 cups (read: huge mugs) of coffee every day (and some truly-bad-for-you-decaf when it's just not possible to survive without), unless it's a special occation (like being in a bad mood). And I am still alive. (Barely.)

Did this help me with my issues? No, I did't lose any weight (well, I didn't even expect that), but I was able to sleep well. With coffee my adrenal hormone level was rised high up all the time and I had trouble falling asleep. So at the moment I am happy that I have achieved a life without 40 oz. of coffee every day.

Then comes the biggest - and toughest - thing: my sugar addiction. Probably you have experienced the sugar cycle (and if you haven't, I am truly envies of you) when you take just one piece of chocolate, it becomes 10 pieces in a matter of seconds and then you crave something savory until it's more sugar and the cycle keeps going on. If you are bright enough, you'd understand that just don't take the first bite and you'll be fine. For me it took 46 years to learn this. And some days it is still not happening.

I am lucky (well, kind of) that every time I enjoy more than 3 PIECES of chocolate in a week, my skin becomes unbearable itchy! This helps me cut my sugar consumption and luckily I never add sugar to my coffee, so that leaves me my last pleasure: a glass of wine! I can have that one glass on dry white wine once a week if I have stayed out of sugar the rest of the week. Hooray! I am saved.

And my tip to you all who struggle with sugar issues, is GETaWhey nutritional bars! They have 3 delightful tastes and there is absolutely no sugar (still it tastes really sweet), nor artificial ingredients. GETaWhey is a great product that my friend makes herself! She can be 100%sure of what is in her bars, since she does it all herself. I have some samples in my office and you are free to ask me more. Here's the link to her page, and I am doing this as a favor for a friend who developed this awesome product (no bonuses for me).

You can find it also in Facebook.

And now it remains to be seen how I'll manage my diet. My goal is to be healthy and energetic, not just lose weight, but if I (finally) lose a couple of pounds, I'd be more than happy!

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